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Orion's Web Hosting provides quality no-nonsense web hosting for businesses looking for everything from basic website hosting solutions to full blown blog / cms web hosting packages that enable you to take full advantage of all the latest social Internet trends for your business. Orion's Web Hosting offers some of the best deals in hosting.

Providing 24x7 monitoring and a 99% uptime Orion's Web Hosting works hard to ensure that your site is always available. We'll even update and maintain your website if you need it!

Our Web Hosting is powered by Pentium IV-2 GHz or faster with 2 GB + of RAM. You'd be hard pressed to find a more stable, and faster web hosting service available. Our state-of-the-art data centers, located in Toronto, Pheonix and Michigan, have fully redundant power, air-conditioning and fiber connectivity. Hosting with Orion's Web Hosting's Web Hosting you can be assured your website is protected behind a solid router and firewall network that is constantly monitored and upgraded as needed. The technical staff keep ontop of all updates, and security patches for the web hosting software on our server. For more information on our Specifications click here.

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